Real Salt Answers

Real Salt booklet

Is Your Salt Real? Not all Salt is created equal. To find out more about Real Salt® brand sea salt download our booklet here: Guide to Understanding Salt booklet. If you are not able to find Real Salt in your area, please visit our online store or call us toll free at 800-367-7258 and we will […]

A video introduction to Real Salt

Not long ago, our friends at One Degree Organic Foods came to learn more about Real Salt. They brought some cameras along, and we couldn’t be happier with their video! Watch the video below, and then head over to the One Degree website to learn about another great company. Thank you One Degree Organic Foods!

Meditating in the Real Salt mine

If you’ve ever had a crazy day and wished you could just escape from it all by meditating in  an ancient salt deposit, we know a guy you can envy. Zen Master Hung, Chi-Sung, is one of the most famous meditation teachers in Taiwan, practicing and teaching mediation for over 30 years. He has taught […]

Real Salt: The Evolution of a Brand

As a follow-up to our last post about the new Real Salt packaging, we thought we might show you what Real Salt packaging has looked like throughout the years and answer a few specific questions. This picture shows Real Salt shakers from the early ’80s to today. The Real Salt look most of you are […]

New Packaging, Same Real Salt

If you’ve seen Real Salt on a store shelf lately, you may have noticed our new labels and packaging. Several of you have noticed and called or emailed to ask if the changed packaging means a changed product.  It doesn’t.  Real Salt didn’t change. The unit sizes didn’t change. The company hasn’t changed. Only the […]

Real Salt, iodine, and radiation

The recent earthquake in Japan has affected millions of people directly and much of the world emotionally.  Beyond the heart-wrenching images coming from Japan, damaged nuclear reactors have released radiation into the surrounding area, leading to speculation that unusually high levels of radiation will soon follow weather patterns around the globe. As a result, many […]

Are your facts real?

As our name implies, Real Salt is, well, real.  When you eat Real Salt you know you’re getting salt exactly as nature made it–no minerals stripped out, nothing added, no gimmicks.  We stick with what’s real, and you get a healthy, natural salt you can trust. Sticking with what’s real is a great way to […]