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Gluten-Free-on-a-Budget-Cookbook“Real Salt is the only salt we recommend. With Real Salt we can elevate the flavor of every dish in a way we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. We love knowing that we are doing our body good in the process.”
-Chandice Probst & Tana Besendorfer
Gluten Free on a Budget

The Fallacy of the Calorie book“Salt is necessary for life. It is essential to create properly seasoned and delicious food. I love the complexity and richness that Real Salt adds. With over sixty trace minerals, they do not need to add or remove anything; it is perfectly balanced by Nature. Real Salt makes real food real scrumptious.”
-Dr. Michael S. Fenster, MD
The Fallacy of the Calorie

30eatcleandinnerscover“Real Salt is an important part of our lifestyle . . . We love the distinctively delicious flavor it imparts on our food and the fact that it comes in its natural state—without additives, chemicals or heat processing.”
-Ivy Larson
30 Eat Clean Dinners

LivingBeyondOrganic“An excellent source of organic sodium, Real Salt is key to alkalizing, detoxifying, and rejuvenating your whole body.”
-Christina Avaness
Living Beyond Organic

TheTruthAboutBeauty“The amazing taste, affordability, and natural balance of Real Salt is why it is a staple is my Total Transformation® programs and my own kitchen.”
-Kat James
The Truth About Beauty


cookbook-cover-HR-no-bleedAs a Nutritional Therapist I try to educate my clients on purchasing a healthy Sea Salt since we all need a balance of minerals. Real Salt is one of the few that lists the minerals on the label including Iodine which is needed for a healthy thyroid! It’s also the best tasting!
-Dana Luchini, NTP
Healthy Aging Diet


My Little SoHo Kitchen book cover

“Cooking with Real Salt has taken my cooking to a whole new level and I appreciate every little grain that I sprinkle and use in my dishes.”
-Michelle Tchea
My Little SoHo Kitchen


The Fallacy of the Calorie book“As a Holistic Nutritionist, I’m constantly being asked by clients about cutting sodium and how much can they have because they “know it’s bad.” Once I introduce them to Real Salt and tell them about trace minerals, they are relieved to know that Real Salt is good for them. I carry a small shaker with me wherever I go.”
-Karen Roth, MSNC
Holistic Nutrtionist
I Married a Nutritionist: Things I’ve Learned That Every Guy Should Know



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